Charleston Financial Advisors - Fee-Only Financial Planning, Asset Management, Charleston, SC

Fee-Only Financial Planning, Asset Management, Charleston, SC

Where will your
financial plan take you?


Financial Plans as Individual as You

At Charleston Financial Advisors, we understand your financial planning and investment needs are unique - you have your own individual goals and objectives.  You need a relationship with a firm that promises to put your interests first; a firm with proven experience and the right professional credentials.

Whether you are just starting to invest or transitioning into retirement, we will help you create a plan appropriate for you and your financial goals.

Investment Advice not Sales

Charleston Financial Advisors takes a financial planning led approach with every client. Think of investing without a plan like going on a trip without a map;  you’ll eventually get there, but not without a few wrong turns. An investment strategy should be driven by your goals and capacity for risk, not the hottest investment trend.  At Charleston Financial Advisors, our disciplined approach to investing supplies consistency and a long-range perspective to the investment process.

How We Are Different

  • Fee-Only
    Charleston Financial Advisors, LLC has been fee-only since 1983. That means our only compensation is from the client. We earn no commissions for selling products or services. This aligns our interest with the client’s.

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
    We look at your financial picture as a whole, not just parts. This ensures a recommendation or action taken concerning one aspect of your financial life complements other considerations.

  • NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor
    NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) is an association of fee-only advisors which members uphold a Fiduciary Oath, a Code of Ethics, and high educational standards.

  • The Fiduciary Responsibility
    As a Fiduciary, we act in good faith and the best interest of the client and must provide written disclosure of any conflicts of interest.

  • Independence
    Charleston Financial Advisors, LLC is not affiliated with or a subsidiary of any other firm. Our recommendations are independent from any third party influence.


Build Wealth

Attain financial security with a long-term strategic plan


Enhance Wealth

Transition from earning money to enjoying what you have built


Young Professional

Make smart decisions with money, create a solid foundation for wealth



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