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Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule


Designed with You in Mind

For each new Client, a brief no-cost appointment is set.   A data meeting typically follows the initial meeting where all information relevant to the engagement is assembled and confirmed.  The Client is sent an engagement letter, advised of the total cost (depends upon the amount of service desired by the Client) and is free to accept, reject, or reconsider the services.  Once a Client accepts the proposed engagement, one-half of the agreed upon fee is due before work has begun; the balance is due at the completion of the last report.

Comprehensive Planning 

Designed for clients who are interested in an integrated plan encompassing all aspects of their financial life.  For the first four to six months, we will analyze your current financial position and make recommendations to put your plan in action.  The remainder of the year we will meet regularly to check progress and assist with implementing recommendations.

Typical comprehensive plans begin at $3,500 up to $7,500 which covers services for 12 months.  One-half of the fee is due upon accepting the engagement letter.  The remainder is due at the completion of the last report.

Focused / Project Based Planning

Designed for clients who are interested in advice on a specific topic or a limited project.  After the initial meeting, an estimate is prepared and a fee is agreed upon through an engagement letter.  Based on the depth of the project, fees generally range from $850-$4,000.

Coaching/Hourly Planning Services

Hourly financial planning fees can range from $100 to $400 per hour depending on the complexity of the case and the staff member providing services.

Investment Management

Investment Management clients receive ongoing investment management and continued financial planning services.  Fees are based on the balance of the investment account(s) under management at the end of each quarter. The quarterly payment brackets for this service are as follows:

Assets Under Management Fee Computation 


Some clients pay an annual retainer in lieu of a percentage of assets for ongoing services.  An estimate of value of the service is mutually agreed upon and billing occurs quarterly. There is a minimum fee of $250 per quarter.




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